A Review of Twitter’s New User Interface

Twitter recently launched a new user interface for it’s popular service. ┬áHere’s a summary of the key changes:

1. The tweets are on the right instead of the left.


1 thought on “A Review of Twitter’s New User Interface

  1. No, there’s more to it than that…
    2) A maximum of 5 replies are displayed instead of 8. That means if you have been ripping your hair out replying to Shane Dawson’s tweets (in hopes of being one of the lucky 8, out of 33 zillion followers), your chances are even worse now. Prepare to be bald and start ripping your skin off.
    3) When you click on a user’s @ name, instead of a convenient sidebar you can click on to go their page, you now get an obtrusive popup RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRIGGIN’ SCREEN, happily obscuring the tweets you were trying to read.
    Whoever came up with these brilliant ideas needs to be fired. Now.

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