Two Agiles

We all know this.  But it sometimes gets lost in the haze of execution.  There are two agiles.  The first is the philosophy, the belief system which is represented by the agile manifesto.  The second is the agile practices that were an outgrowth of the agile manifesto: scrum, xp, crystal, dsdm, etc.  Commonly, when people talk about agile…they’re talking about one of the practices that were an outgrowth of the manifesto.

What should be clear, but often isn’t, is that the agile manifesto doesn’t mandate the use of scrum, xp, waterfall, or one of the others.  In  fact, by blindly adopting one of these without considering the context of your project…you’re being anti-agile.


1 thought on “Two Agiles

  1. That’s very true. These canned methodologies are not agile, they are just PHB 2.0.

    Meet the new PHB, same or worse than the old PHB…

    I read a post recently (forgot the url) where the author was discussing a company that has had it’s scrum transformation, but now doesnt innovate anything because innovation doesnt happen during sprints and there is no place outside of the sprint for it to happen either.

    Of course people like myself saw that coming years ago but only after months of pain are companies discovering the dark side of scrum.

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