The Irony of Doing Agile

J.D. Hildebrand wrote this piece over at SDTimes.  He quoted Andy Hunt, one of the original Agile Manifesto signatories:

Last summer, I had the good fortune to visit a “very advanced” Agile shop. These folks really did embrace agile methods with a discipline, completeness, and a zealous fervor that would be hard to match. In many ways, they could have been a poster child for Agile methods…But these weren’t productive developers freed from mindless process dogma. They were Agile slaves. The dogma they followed was ours, and they followed it well. And as with many organizations in a similar position, they saw some promising results. Continuous integration, refactoring, unit tests, pair programming—all these techniques yielded some benefit. But they weren’t thinking, they weren’t reacting, they weren’t being agile. When problems came up, they addressed them with all the grace and elegance of a deer caught in the terrifying blaze of alien headlights. They knew how to do Agile; they didn’t know how to be agile.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.   ( including processes and tools labeled ‘agile’.).  Stop agilizing everything.


3 thoughts on “The Irony of Doing Agile

  1. Hi!

    Doing it mechanically is called cargo-cult. Brings a lot of wishful thinking on top.

    As such, those people don’t focus on the value they need to come up with. I see that every day, it is frustrating.

    But I still don’t blame agile for it. It is all about people, that is what makes it complex.

  2. I ringraziamenti per la vostra risposta e restano in contatto prego. A me… agile è la filosofia. Il processo, attrezzi e si avvicina che l’introito è unico ad ogni progetto. Il ” slaves” agile; don’ la t pensa a questo proposito. Si avvicinano appena sempre lo stesso senso. Ciò è differente dal ” slaves” della cascata;.

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