The Pragmatic Manifesto

This is a manifesto for pragmatic software development.  We are uncovering sensible, common sense practices for creating better software.  We value:

1. TEAMWORK: Working as a team with our customers, our team members, and our leaders to accomplish the product, project and company goals.

2. FLEXIBILITY: Flexibly adjusting our practices and efforts to meet the needs of the product, project and team.

3.  HUMILITY: Accepting that we don’t know everything and we should always strive to learn more and adjust our efforts as needed.

4. DISCERNMENT: Not get caught up in the latest buzz, but think for ourselves, our team, our product and our customers.

5. RISK MANAGEMENT: Realize that “risk” and the management of it, is the greatest determinant of software development success.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we avoid risk.

6. TALENT: Recognize that teams are composed of people with varying strengths and weaknesses.  There are no supermen. Sometimes we shine…sometimes we’re learning.

7. VISION:  Seeing the future and present and crafting solutions that will address both.

If you believe in this manifesto…then do it.  No need to sign up, attend classes, write books or pontificate. Just, live the principles.

Christopher R. Goldsbury

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